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  • Your online ordering system is simply the best. It has already made our customer’s ordering experience much more pleasurable. Simply the BEST!!

    - Sandeep Das

  • We love the system. The ordering is clear and simple for both the customers and our staff. The back end reports, marketing and setup/modifying is also very user friendly.

    - Shivraj Rane

  • Simply the best application for online ordering. We are using it for couple of months and we are extremely satisfied, and it is free. Thank you.

    - Sonali Roy

  • Accepting orders in real time on my smartphone was very handy. Now we can really get more orders faster without having the phone line as a bottleneck and the clinets also love this.

    - Aditya Pawar

  • Fantastic app This is a great app of this online takeaway ordering system. The service has been superb and great customer service. With all the new updates and features, it gives us and more importantly our customers an app thats easy to use.

    - Raj Bansal

  • The delivery jack is the superfast delivery chain which provides food late night that too at the doorstep ...

    - Swapnil Salulnke

  • What a menu. Large and covers everything from pasta to parantha. If your hungry at night these guys will fulfill your fantasy.

    - Priyanka Jamdar

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